General FUBAR.

Only not so much. Sorta.

I have to make a post about Lorelai – she’s now 1! That is special enough for it’s own post and it’s coming.

So, on Sunday, my iPhone stopped working. Sorta. The top half of the screen wouldn’t respond to any touch. Monday the Lorax and I took a trip to the Apple store and they were fantastic – replaced my phone no problem. Great, I think. I get home, sync it up, everything is updated, super. Except. I can’t get my email. Well that’s no good because that is one of the best features of the phone. I do a little googling and it seems that the latest software update can be the cause for some glitch in that area. So, I restored back to when my phone wasn’t working (sunday). It finally reloads and now, a good portion of my applications are missing! For the most part it’s not a big deal to get them back, just annoying. And now I don’t really want to hook the iPhone back up to iTunes in case I have solved the email issue. Grumble grumble.

Have a brownie with me?
Edge brownies
Did I already post this? My Edge brownie pan – it was an early Christmas gift from Dan – and by the way, it makes the best brownies EVER! You can use the box mix (I love quick brownies) too!


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