Finally the knitting!

I started and finished this hat last week. Lion Brand Thick & Quick held double – great for stash busting. Super quick too. And good for impressing new knitters at a local yarn shop. I thought maybe it would work for Dan, but the color (Nantucket – a grey-green) and detail (cables) make it too girly for him. It’s as warm as all get out though. I’m thinking that I will make another hat or two with this yarn and donate them.

I also finally found the inspiration for my cousin’s christmas gift. I made the “Flap Hat” from One Skein Wonders and 220 Fingerless Mitts from “Itchy Fingers”. The yarn was found in the stash – two skeins worth. I bought it at a sale at a Farmhouse Yarns – stuff a bag sort of deal. It was great to rediscover it – not only are the colors the best combination of pinky-purple and purpley-black, but it’s soft! I wish I knew better what it was so I could look for it again. Anyway, for the hat I held the yarn doubled, working from 2 skeins. I used the leftovers from one skein to make the fingerless mittens (flittens, don’t you know!) and will probably make a second pair for me from the leftovers of the other skein. They are just simple goodness and I adore them. I hope my cousin likes them! The hat fits me and Lorelai, so it should be good to go for the recipient.
Hat and Mitts
Lorelai was being silly – we’re in a NO! hats phase – she’s yanked off everything I have put on her head (I’ve got yarn and plans to knit her a toasty topper next). I popped the hat on her today and she played with it a bit, then crawled off! That’s a record 2 minutes! Interesting.
IMG_6713 IMG_6715 IMG_6723

I have also finally finished my Hemlock Ring Blanket! This is a birthday gift for my mom… (Who I don’t think knows / reads my blog.) It’s all pinned out on my dining room table. It’s still small, I followed the original instructions to row 87 and stopped there. Lap blanket, shoulder wrap, whatever. It’s soft and warm. And a lovely shade of blue. I think she’ll like it.
From this:
To This:
Hemlock Ring Blocking
I probably could have been even more aggressive with the blocking, but I was trying to pin while cookies were baking. (Some days multi-tasking isn’t really worth it.)

Cookies! These are Chai Spice Girl Cookies that was in a recent Better Homes and Garden issue. I’d like to thank Pillsbury Toaster Strudel for training me in the art of frosting piping.
Until I gave up and just started spreading frosting as I saw fit:

I gave one to Lorelai and she went right to the frosting. That’s my girl!

4 thoughts on “Finally the knitting!

  1. love the hat, that is great. can’t wait till I can blog all of my FO’s for christmas. Hoping to get at least one flitten (see, I used it) done for Jennifer tonight. The end is near on the fishnets. Hope they are long enough. a TRUE labor of love. Don’t know that I would ever knit them again. SOOOO boring. Miss you

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