First off, Congrats to Theatreknitter and Piccologirl on their becoming “official” aunts! Not that they were any less special as Aunts to any of the children that surround them, but their sister had her baby, Patrick, yesterday! Yay for babies!

Second, I’ve taken a break from my must-do knitting (super secret project, CPH sleeves, Dan’s hat, Christmas gift, etc) and cast on for Abrazo from knitty. As part of my payment for knitting for Schaefer yarn, I received yarn to make this vest. I wound up one hank last night and ran out of yarn at SnB! I’ve got about 11 inches done already!
Abrazo WIP
Now I’ve got the bug and just want to keep knitting this to finish it!

For the most part in the house I don’t put much on Lorelai’s feet – she tears off the socks anyway and she has better balance / grip when she’s barefoot. When we go out I do put tights / socks / shoes on her. I got her to wear little boots last night. Dan brought her home and he put away her shoes with all the rest we I leave there. So cute!
Little shoes in the hall

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