Christmas in Motion

Does it happen any other way? The Holidays always seem to be a blur to me – we always travel. I have forever gone to Rhode Island and back to CT multiple times. Dan’s family is from Long Island. They always travel. For us it was RI on Christmas Eve, back to CT to do our Christmas, down to Long Island for Christmas, back to CT for another Christmas. I’m exhausted. It’s all good – everyone in the families gets along and it’s a good time – lots of food and interesting stuff like that – but I also feel like I missed so much of what I’m used to (sitting back and just observing family dynamics) – because either Dan or myself were watching Lorelai the entire time. Sure, everyone wants to see her, but they will turn away when she does, they aren’t watching her 3 steps ahead to see the full soda can in her reach, or the glass dish full of popcorn, or the knife… It’s all good though.

Classic Christmas Eve Dress:
Christmas Eve Dress

Ready for traveling (outfit by Auntie VIK – big hit!)
Strut, strut

Lorelai has decided she’s done with crawling. She just wants to move! She was appropriately spoiled – clothes & books & and noisy toys (that are tolerable) and a gorgeous handknit from Aunt Virginia that deserves its own post!

I’m excited for a few gift certificates to LYSs and 2 new knitting books and the Yarn Harlot page-a-day calendar. I’m working on my knitting new year resolutions (I’m thinking about knitting 100 balls of yarn, personal sock club, etc).

And I’m pooped. I want to go and play with my yarns. I’ve promised a certain 9 year old a guitar strap and it’s overdue. And unfortunately some bad news has come his way… And I want to work up some preemie hats for the “Save the Children” “Knit One Save One” campaign (how did I miss that in 2008?)

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