One of the questions on the Cocoa Swap Q & A is about the type of mug you like. That made me think about my favorite mug and what makes it so. I don’t have just one favorite mug, I have 6.
So, here we have the Starbucks Cabled Mug – it’s knitting! So of course I love it. Also, it has a bigger handle, love that. The crayola mug is a souvenir from our trip in 2007 to the Crayola Factory – I love that the design wraps around the mug. Being left handed, when I hold a mug I often can’t see the design because they are made for right handed people! Righties can pick up their mug and see the design as they sip, not so easy for me! The Carpe-Yarn-em mug was a swap gift a few years ago and is frequently used as well. Wrap around design (there’s yarn pictures on the other side).

The Rainforest Cafe mug I got when I spent the summer in Grand Forks, ND. This mug is a big one, thicker than the others, big handle. Rainforest frogs are one of my favorite animals, so this mug had to come home with me. The Sheep & Yarn mug I bought at Rhinebeck this year – it’s fantastic – good size, good handle, wrap around design! And the Cheerios mug came as part of a set (with a big bowl for the cereal) – I’m not a huge yellow fan, but I love Cheerios (always have, always will). Thick (but roomy) handle, slightly thicker mug, but too much.

Now I’m thinking about other mugs and went hunting online. Look, a bracelet!, Science mug!, Gilmore Girls Mugs (I had a cafe press mug a long time ago back when the estrov2 boards were up and running – good quality, good size, sadly it was left behind in a move)…amigurumi mug too cute!, Vintage monogrammed with “R” (perfect! but I bet they are a thinner mug. I like the look of them though.) so cool!, just mugs (Must check out this store next trip to NYC!)…

One more mug:
Breakfast Smiles
Somebody got a haircut yesterday – she sat still and was so serious the entire time. Then in the car on the way home she kept saying what sounded like “Hiiiiiiiiiii” to her reflection in the mirror.


6 thoughts on “Mugs

  1. Hi BeccaThanks for checking out my blog!I cant believe how big Lorelai is. Last time I saw her she was a baby!!!!Havent been doing much knotting at all. But maybe one of these days I will give it another go.Hope all is well with you.

  2. I have this complaint (the design being on the “wrong” side) about mugs, too! However, I am, in fact, right handed. But I tend to drink with my left hand — because I’m at a computer almost all day at work and a good chunk of the time at home, and I’m mousing with my right hand! So I, too, wish there were more left-handed mugs out there!

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