Two Tops

It’s so icky out today – I tried to “shovel” the front walk a bit and it really was just pushing slushy water to the side. Weather reports say snow is coming maybe tomorrow and later on in the week / weekend so maybe I’ll actually get a proper action shot of Lorelai in her newest hat.

Toasty Topper – knit with Ella Rae Classic in a purple-grey color, it’s quite warm and even seems snug on her head – it did stay on when she pulled at it (mostly). If she’s distracted by the snow / cold / wind it just might work.
Strike a Pose
Look at that she already knows how to pose.

This is my head. Or, Mom, why am I wearing a hat inside?

Costume Change!
“Amelie” is finally done. I bought the yarn and book for this project back in December 2007, Lorelai was weeks old. I planned to make the 6 month size, figuring I would be done before she outgrew it. I just made it. She’s 13+ months now and can wear this as a top I think.


This FO doesn’t count in any of my yardage counts – it’s been finished with the knit part for a long while – just needed the buttons. And the hat (while it counts for yardage) only used up ~0.8 of the skein so I’m trying to decide if I will count that as a ball used up or not. It does count towards a new challenge I’ve got. Hats.

So, I’m challenging myself (not Knitting A Long with anyone. Challenging myself, there is a difference) to the following:
Knit 100 balls from the stash (so far: 1 / 100 unless I decide the Topper hat counts)
Participate in the LimeNViolet 2009 Sock Marathon (Goal: Knit 2 miles, starts in February.)
52 Hat Challenge (so far: 2 / 52)

I’ve got my own little cheerleader, how bad could it be?


4 thoughts on “Two Tops

  1. Breanna here!I sent you an e-mail with all of my information. Thank you for hosting a blog contest. If you need to contact me you can e-mail me at teachloveread at hotmail dot com

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