MaryJanesFarm – my new favorite magazine

I admit, I have a magazine issue (eye roll for the pun.) For years I would buy all kinds of magazines – BUST, Bitch, Cosmo, Glamour etc – all of them. Then I started to get fed up with Cosmo and Glamour and the like. So I dropped those but found others – Real Simple, Martha Stewart… assorted cooking magazines. Home and garden style magazines. Organic magazines. Craft magazines. Knitting magazines. Health / fitness magazines. Pregnancy magazines. Parenting magazines. Dog magazines.

For a while I’ve been good – I’ve been keeping track of what I have, what I like, and either cancelling subscriptions when I realize that a magazine is pure trash or not renewing if I find I’m just not getting anything out of the magazine any more. I’m also better about saving stuff from the magazine for my idea file – I tear out the page (craft / cooking / health / shopping / etc) and stuff it in a file folder and the magazine goes into the recycle bin right away.

Last night after SnB I popped into the bookstore. That can be dangerous for me – they have so many more magazines! I was very good though and only bought one because I was so excited to see it (didn’t know such a thing existed!)
MaryJanesFarm magazine – farmgirls!!

This issue has the overall theme of “Simply Bee – the Spirit of the Beehive” and I have to say I love it! I love the feel of the paper, I love the way it’s laid out, I love the informative articles (Why are the bees disappearing? Natural Sweetners! Recycle felted sweaters!). I love the quotations throughout. I like the ads.
I think I’m going to subscribe…

Links I love (found in the issue)
** – local honey, Bees without Borders
** – natural bodycare products, profits go to schools
** – Aspartame dangers
**There’s a brief story that makes me want to make a hexagon quilt


2 thoughts on “MaryJanesFarm – my new favorite magazine

  1. I love magazines too, but I stopped collecting them.. I have no place to store them. They really add up.. If they didn’t have so many advertisements it would take up less space.

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