Cocoa Swap Recipe Assignment

Today is a really good day for Hot Chocolate, I think. Especially now – it’s later on in the afternoon, the sun is not out at all, there’s lots of clouds – everything is snow covered from the latest snowfalls… The Cocoa Swap “assignment” for the week is to post a hot chocolate recipe. Generally I just use the packets from the store, so I don’t have much in the way of a recipe to share… but I went googling and I found several things I would like to try!

I really would like to make my own marshmallows – FamilyFun Recipe, AltonBrown’s Recipe and of course, MarthaStewart’s Recipe. Might as well give Martha’s Hot Chocolate a go too!

How cute is this Hot Chocolate Mug Cake?!

Isn’t this Hot Chocolate Jug nifty?


3 thoughts on “Cocoa Swap Recipe Assignment

  1. I sadly missed the inauguration today… 😦 I had to work this morning and then was unable to get to any news coverage later. I plan to see what I can get on the news tonight after the kids in bed. I love all your links.. I’ve made homemade marshmallows… it’s really not that hard! 🙂 I’ve done Martha’s recipe and a few others… I love your other links too.. I’m gong to do those cakes… mmmm 🙂

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