For a while I started to notice that my notions bag full of knitting tools was becoming crowded. There was so much random stuff in there. Today I finally dumped it out. (Photo taken after the sorting of all the stuff).
Notions 365.28
Not surprisingly, there’s paper, pens, stitch markers, lip balm, my kitchener dog tags, ruler, stitch holders, trash and random yarn labels. There are yarn-bobbin holders and pom-pom makers (I think that’s what those blue / pink circles are for). Missing are scissors (usually there’s 2 pair), and my chibi needle case – Lorelai took it because it makes a great noise and now I don’t know where it is. And my tape measurers (also usually 2) are both elsewhere.

I’m going to give up my standard notions bag for a while (striped old navy cosmetics bag I’ve used since I started knitting back in 2001!) and instead use the snoopy bag that was part of the Woodstock WoolGirl kit.

Old and new

I think my hands have relaxed from the seaming on the CPH – on to picking up for the hood~!

3 thoughts on “Notions

  1. Hi. I’m (re)teaching myself to crochet (after a 20 year lapse). I realize you knit, but I have a question about the yarn-bobbin. I picked up a book to try to jog my memory on some of the stitches and it came with a couple of hooks and a couple of yarn-bobbins. What’s a yarn-bobbin? I mean other than a small thin soft brown plastic thing. How do you use it? Am I supposed to be using it? I googled “yarn bobbin” and I see you have some in your pile of notions. So you must know. You keep your blog nicely up to date and this is an older post, so if you don’t see this, or you can’t answer for some other reason, I understand. I like your blog anyway.

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