I think I’ve figured out Magic Loop – and I think I love it! I’m really amazed that a) it works! and b) why didn’t I try to learn this sooner? Now I want to Magic Loop everything!

I finished one iPhone Mitt – since it is one long tube, it’s perfect for tv knitting, or even while Lorelai is out and about. I would have it done sooner, but I spent time last week finishing my CPH (that deserves it’s own post. It’s coming.)

I also Magic Looped a hat for a hat drive that a local business / corporation was doing. So that’s #5 for the 52 hat challenge, and #5 for charity. I love this pattern, so easy!

I’m taking a slight break from the iPhone mitts to start a pair of socks (yes, actual socks!) – the Guided By Love socks – they are my first toe-ups and I struggled a bit with the Turkish Cast-On, but I think it’s going ok for now.

Yesterday we were thrown for a loop. Lorelai was toddling / wobbling about and she tripped over and sort of landed on Jackson. He was not right afterwards – it was obvious he wasn’t walking right, he wasn’t whining or anything, but he was very quiet – obviously injured and just couldn’t get comfortable. Poor pup – we did take him in to the vet – given the breed (back injuries are always in the back of our minds) – it was the right thing to do. The vet couldn’t find anything significantly wrong with him, but agrees there is an obvious injury. My stoic little dachshund didn’t wince at all or make any noise while being poked and prodded by the vet! In the end he got a shot to help him relax a bit, and he slept away most of Sunday afternoon. He’s looking better today, still a bit stiff, but better.

I have a few errands outside of the house, but they may wait… just so I can still keep an eye on the dog. I’m also inspired to do some spring cleaning and clearing out of *stuff* – On Friday I totally cleaned out my email inbox. Seriously – I had over 1000 things in there – all read, but just not deleted (thank you gmail). I labeled, archived and deleted. I am surprised by how good that feels!


7 thoughts on “Looped

  1. Hope Jackson is feeling better. and I am locing the idea of those iphone mitts. I may have to think about those for some sock yarn use. They would work well for work in the summer when the AC is too high. I need some good mindless knitting for the drive down to NC.

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