Awesome (1000000+)

Last week I received several great packages in the mail.
First off:
photo.jpg photo.jpg
I treated myself to the Ravelry mug. Dan rolled his eyes when he saw it, even after I tried to explain the awesomeness of the “disagree” when it’s empty and “Agree” when it’s full of coffee. I even offered to share the mug with him. He said this was just more reason to keep on planning my “knittervention” (We’ve been watching “Intervention” lately.) Whatever. I like the mug, just wish it was a little bit larger.

(excuse the iphone lo-quality photos) I got a PhatFiber box. There are fantastic samples – the fudge was fantastic! I pulled out my drop spindle and started playing with some roving I had to get more practice before I try it on some of the fiber samples I received. There are also several great yarn samples as well. I’m sure i’ll gush more about those as I get to them.

Over the weekend I finally finished my iPhone Mitts. The yarn is “Bekka” from Ruby Sapphire. Love love love. I really like how the stripes start out wide and then become narrower towards the finger tips. I made mine 13″ long, and the thumbs are ~2.5″ – I was getting tired of knitting a big ribbed tube, and I can still fold them over just fine. Jackson makes for a great model.
Dachshund for scale
iphone mitts
So that’s 220 yards knit up which is 0.125 miles in the Sock Marathon.

I still have quite a bit of the yarn left over, so I’m thinking (in terms of convenience) of casting on for a pair of anklets. I think I would have enough for that and it would be sort of “springy” and possibly get me back into sock knitting.

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