Team VA Weekend

I know I’ve mentioned before that my brother is getting married in June. We’re all very very excited – his “ex-girlfriend”, Virginia is absolutely amazing and I’m very lucky to have her as a sister-in-law. She’s cute, she’s smart and she knits! I am part of her “Team” and we went into New York City for the weekend to celebrate!

Amy has already done a fantastic blog post about the day. We had set up a scavenger hunt to some great spots around the city. We had lunch at our hotel and then went out for gelato, some shopping and plenty of photos.

One of our stops was Purl – OMG, what a great fabric shop. And you know that I had to pop in to their knitting shops as well. What a feast for the eyes that was – immediately I was drawn to some hot-neon-pink Koigu KPM sock yarn (we were just talking about KPM at SnB last week) however, I managed to resist and instead went with Alchemy Yarns Juniper – in “Turquoise Pool” – machine washable sock yarn!
Alchemy Yarn
It’s fantastic!

Our day continued on to the Arch at Washington Square Park, and we had some time to kill. Of course I had my knitting to work on (Florida Sock #2) – and we noticed that we were right under a knit tag!
A knitting tag!

Dinner was fantastic – Hill Country BBQ (OMG, the food was so great!) & Music by the Crevulators (great band – very friendly!)
Hill Country BBQ

The next day we took it easy and I met up with my brother Matt (of the Mother’s Day note) – we walked about the city for a while and ended up at this great little place for Argentinian sandwiches (arepas? I think they were called). I ate a lot of meat this weekend. I have no problem with that, but what’s funny is that Matt and I came across the rally that followed the Veggie Pride Parade – um. Hm. We had a bag of meaty leftovers from Hill Country, and we just came from eating meat-bomb sandwiches. I will support and respect anyone who decides to go vegetarian or vegan – but some of this just made me giggle.
Veggie Pride Parade
Great pepper costumes though!

I was telling Matt about the knitting “tag” we found and then he says, “Oh, you mean like that?” – there was more!!
Guerilla Knitting
Guerilla Knitting
Guerilla Knitting
We had stumbled upon an installation! Yarn Theory / 9th Street Fence

I love love love going to New York City – there is always something different to see or experience, and this time was no exception!

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