What a Week!

There almost aren’t even words to sum up the past week – things have been a little wacky, but a lot of fun! It’s official – my brother is married, and I have a sister! I am so happy for them – you know the scene in “Muppets Take Manhattan” at the end, where Piggy & Kermit get married and the penguins are flipping about? That’s how I feel – they got married! Yay! It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful reception – we may have been poured on at the rehearsal dinner (at the Place) but no one let it get their spirits down. And the weather held out for Saturday, so that was all good.
Wedding Party
(That’s Caroline (the bride’s sister), Virginia (my new sister-in-law), Dan (the groom), Matt (my baby brother) and Katherine.
Three of us on Team VA (members of the not-really-bridesmaids, but essentially that’s what we were) ended up in purple dresses, the same shade of purple! It was part of the color scheme so it was a good choice!

Lorelai at the Wedding
Lorelai was there for the ceremony and a little bit of the reception. She was pretty good – once she warmed up she just wanted to run around and say Hi to people.

Looking Regal
Handmade Crackers were part of the reception – when I went up to visit Dan & VA, Amy and I helped make them. It was kind of funny to look around the wedding reception and see everyone with these silly hats, but they did work with everyone’s outfit (though mine didn’t really stay on with my up-do).

That’s me and my favorite uncle. He’s fantastic. This picture also gives a better picture of the dress, but the best part (in my opinion) was the back:
Dress for the June wedding
The look totally worked – the dress, the up-do, and the jewelry (made by Jennsquared) – my uncle kept saying I had the look of a 1930s or 1940s Chanel advertisement – exactly what I didn’t know I was trying for!

It was a great event, and now we’re still trying to adjust to the boring and the mundane. I knit a dachshund last week:
The pattern is by Rebecca Danger – she and I have emailed a bit on this pattern (there was a pdf sizing error that was not a big deal but she’s got that great attention to detail and wanted to make it right) and I’ve been stalking following her on all the other social network things – love love love!
Lorelai seems to like him as well:

Take My Picture!

Though maybe she just wanted her picture taken. She’s big into mugging for the camera lately.
Visions of my kid
That’s my new favorite picture of her.
And this one is totally a flash forward to when she’s seven…
Visions of my kid
The time is flying.


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