Dress your Dachshund in Silk and Seacell

(Or, The Ishbel Post)
I’ve been inspired by so many Ishbel scarves / wraps on Ravelry I finally went stash diving and made one for me. I went for the skein of Handmaiden Sea Silk in the “Renaissance” colorway – jewel tones that are totally me. Under a week of on and off knitting and I have a beautiful little number.

I made the small size and looking at how much is leftover I probably could have made the large one (I really need to get a scale.)

I like this shot because that’s one of the few times I can actually see the pattern.

I blocked, but not very aggressively, but I’m most often going to wear it like this:
(The back of the shirt says “The Hot Dog” – would it be poor taste or funny if I wore it to “The Black Dog” when we go to Martha’s Vineyard this summer?)

And since I will be wearing it scrunched up I didn’t mind too much in draping it on Jackson, who is still a very very good sport.
Peek-a-boo. His face was made for stuff like this, not badger hunting, I’m positive.


Good boy.

His tail was wagging away, the dog knows good yarn.

I’m sure he’ll be just as excited when I get around to knitting and blocking this treat (courtesy of a birthday gift certificate!)

Jojoland Swirl Shawl

3 thoughts on “Dress your Dachshund in Silk and Seacell

  1. it is beautiful. did you also know that dachshunds also have a history in WWII. They were companions to the pilots. Many of them flew on multiple missions.Get this, pugs were used for hunting lions. They would get underneath them and grab at their legs and feet.

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