Oh Acrylic.

Do you have the Yarn Harlot’s Page-A-Day calendar? Today’s “Tuesday Tips” is about giving different yarns a chance – how some people are dead set against acrylic, others won’t touch wools. As my knitting experience increases I have found that I can be a yarn snob. Given the choice I would prefer to knit with a wool over acrylic, mercerized cotton over kitchen cotton, something soft over something not soft, and something smooth over something fluffy / mohair / fun fur. The choice of yarn does depend on the project – kids and baby stuff needs to be in something kid-friendly – that means it can be washed / spit up on / cleaned / not get all fluffy bits in their face and airways. I’ve been working on a few acrylic based projects.

Peace Baby – is being made for Lorelai. I started this back in March and then it hibernated for a while. When I went to pick it back up again I was happy to find that I was making the 2 year old size. I swear she’s a peanut but she’s growing like a weed! I am thinking that I will leave off the dove embroidery and instead do an uppercase, cursive “L” a la “Laverne & Shirley”. That’s the front, back and one sleeve – I am so slow on these sleeves, not sure why. And it looks really long to me. The yarn is Vanna’s Choice (100% Acrylic) in Kelly Green and Sapphire.

I’m also working on a baby sweater for a cousin of Dan’s who is expecting. I always wanted to have Presto Chango for Lorelai but that didn’t happen. I’m using Encore Worsted (Acrylic / Wool) in “Drifting” and I plan to add some color with the buttons. Again, the arms look long to me. And I’m having second thoughts about this yarn – it should be cute, but I’m thinking ahead to the finished front panel – is blocking going to be an issue? The panel is lacey. Soon enough.

And in a funny acrylic-blast-from-the-past, my mom found this sweater:
She gave it to me and said “Don’t you remember your sweater?” Um, not so much, but it was part of my elementary school uniform (Catholic School). RMU. Funny. I could make Lorelai wear it someday I guess. Not surprisingly, it has held up well in the 25+ years since I wore it.
“And the label in that sweater said…. 100%…. Acrylic….”

One more acrylic-y thing – I was at ACMoore today and saw this display:
Red Heart Eco Ways – recycled polyester / acrylic – nice colors, soft, nice price – didn’t have a specific project in mind, so I’ll wait a bit, but interesting….

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