Detalles del envio

DHL stopped by today.
Package from Uruguay
They brought me a package from Uruguay – hand spun wool! That means that Malabrigo!.

I’ll be test knitting a lovely Girl’s Dress for the upcoming Book 2! I think it will be adorable – I’ll be knitting the size 2, and the colorway (Rupestre) is a great raspberry / ruby – it will be cute for the holidays!

Also included was this very pretty skein marked “Archangel SW” – superwash maybe? No other tags…
Archangel SW

This afternoon I’ll be looking forward to winding up the silky merino and swatching. To bring my WIPs up to date, I’ve now got 2 test knits going, a sweater to decide on for the Sweater KAL, a sweater I started (Shalom, couldn’t wait – wanted to knit with wool!), and 2 baby / kid sweaters to seam. And a hat. And last night I had a brilliant idea on how to knit a dachshund. knit knit knit knit knit …..

3 thoughts on “Detalles del envio

  1. I love the Archangel colorway. That may be the same weight they were giving out at Stitches South for Malabrigo Junkies… a bit heavier than fingering, but a little bit lighter than a sport, right? Make sure and post when you decide what to do with it- I have NO IDEA what I'm going to do with my hank! LOL.

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