Fall is in the air

I’ve been sitting at my computer today, in a huge sun puddle, and it feels so nice and warm. Imagine my surprise when I went outside to collect the mail and it was chilly! – 58F according to my computer. Wow. We had 2 real weeks of summer and then after a rainstorm this week that brought down leaves, WHOOSH, hello fall! It’s a nice change that’s for sure – one of the reasons why I never want to live anywhere else but New England.

I think even Lorelai is noticing the changes (as she should be – she is getting older, 22 months today!) – last Friday I put a fleece coat on her when we went out in the morning and she refused to take it off “No… warm!”. Huh. And today, I put on her hooded shirt and she wanted to keep the hood on – “Warm!”. I find this really interesting as she has always run warm – she fought the swaddle and pulls off her socks! But it gives me hope that maybe we won’t have to fight wearing a hat this winter… there are many in my queue I want to knit.

Knitting pictures will be tomorrow, I’m planning a State of my Knits / What’s in the bag sort of post. To hold you over, here’s a picture of the old Lorax, in a hood, eating toast (her request – she pulled the plate out of her shopping cart and brought it to me…. Mama, toast? sure kid. As you wish.)
Toast, yum!

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