Rhinebeck 2009

I got to have a mini-vacation away this weekend – I went up to visit my brother and sister in law in upstate NY, conveniently located ~45 minutes away from Rhinebeck. Their original plan was to have a party, but in the end with the weather and all it was canceled and instead, on Saturday we all just took it easy and hung out. My other brother and his girlfriend also made an appearance and it was great to just take it easy.

Lucky for me, Virginia is a knitter and she was ready to come along to Rhinebeck and see what all the fiber fuss is about. We went on Sunday – the weather was crap – cold, damp, drizzle, but not downpours and it did sort of clear up. Lamb sandwiches and hot cider also help. I really enjoyed it more this year since I had a better idea of what to expect and was also more familiar with yarns / yardage needed for patterns / what I might like to knit up. I am pleased with my purchases and am also looking over my stash in a new light. VA is also a great knitter to do a yarn crawl with and we should do it more often (hint, hint, VA I’m sure there are great yarn shops near you!!) – we scanned, we shopped (smartly!) and we scored! Why didn’t we get a picture of us? Anyway, here’s what I did get, minus one pattern – a very cute little cabled baby sweater to use with sock yarn doubled.

Rhinebeck 2009

I bought a copy of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” for Lorelai – autographed by the author, Iza Trapani, who was very sweet.

Two skeins of peacock colored “Aussie” lace weight merino yarn (so, 600 yards) – possibly another Ishbel, or Sunflower Shawl.

One skein of bulky alpaca yarn for Quincy – or so I thought until I just double checked the yardage (I have 120 yds, that’s 30 yds short!) – so maybe February Slippers, Promenade Scarf or Wonky. Hmm. I really thought it would be enough for the Jared Flood hat. Bummer.

One skein (I’m almost wishing I bought more of this) of Delly’s Delights Farm Silver Alpaca – sport weight, 600 yards, some of the softest yarn I have ever groped felt. VA and I both bought this yarn, it’s luscious. I’m thinking Springtime Bandit

I found it really interesting that I saw a knit sample of this “Every Way Wrap” and really was taken with it – when I saw it in the magazine I totally was not interested. Now I’m thinking about maybe using some of the yarn from my Tilted Duster or Mom’s Hemlock Ring blanket (solid color blue or purple) or some of my Lorna’s Laces Green Line Worsted (multi colored, but so was the knit sample). Hm..

Decisions, decisions. After I finish up projects and gift knitting I will be able to get back to my selfish knitting!

4 thoughts on “Rhinebeck 2009

  1. I found Every Way Wrap very interesting too. Maybe we should have another KAL ;)Oh I really wanted to go to Rhinebeck too, I say that every year, but I couldn't make it ever. I am jealous!

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