I think we’re at a new stage with Lorelai. Twice in the last week she has expressed a little interest in helping me to cook in the kitchen. Maybe it is the novelty of standing on a stool and being able to see what goes on above her head. Maybe she is curious. Maybe it is just what toddlers do at this age. Whatever it is, I think it’s a good thing. She was able to hold the measuring spoon over the bowl for the spices (and even could pick out the biggest one) and then drop it in the sink when she was done. She helped push on the dough and sprinkle shredded cheese and pepperoni on our pizza bread. And then last night at dinner she reached over to my plate and took one of my carrots. That’s not too big of a deal – she has shown that when she’s in the mood she enjoys crunching on fresh veggies (she can tell that the bagged ones from the frozen foods aisle are not the same as the fresh from the garden steamed ones too). But the kicker was she took my carrot and dipped it into the salad dressing on my plate. So, apparently, we like (one) dip now! Very exciting.

Blogging about food, I found some great links.
*I am so going to try and Make My Own Microwave Popcorn! – and then follow Beth’s suggestion to have the bowl of butter on the side for individual kernel dipping. I need to get corn for Thanksgiving decorations anyway.
*I made this Tortellini Soup – I used half the meat, half the tomatoes, and half the broth – should have used more broth. This soup was LOADED. In a good way, really filling. A nice assortment of “stuff” in there. Makes a TON! We had it for dinner (twice), several lunches, and gave some away. Holy cow. But good.
*I’m thinking about making these Edible Acorns – I wonder if Lorelai would even notice they were acorns? She really enjoys munchkin style donuts and can devour a bunch of them. Maybe for Thanksgiving? (I really need to settle on my to-do list for thanksgiving, there are so many good ideas! Like just now I also found Cranberry Nut Snack Mix that would be a good appetizer / snack to have around…)
*Have you seen It’s like Cute Overload + Epicurious = delish. Love.
*Craftwise, there is a ton of crochet food to be made! Some selections from my queue: Oreo Cookies, Baking Set, Peel-able!! Orange

Lorelai takes her food very seriously.
Thanksgiving is coming…

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