Christmas Chaos

Really, it would not be Christmas for me if it weren’t full of traveling to and from the Islands (Rhode and Long), houses full of relatives, lots of food, and luckily everyone gets along so it’s all good. I hope everyone had a Christmas like this:
Wide eyed, eating, looking cute. This is what Lorelai’s Christmas was full of. Oh, and those sunglasses. They have been off her face for 5 minutes? Maybe?

I can show two more gifts that I made for this Christmas – I knit up Braided for a cousin-in-law. It worked up quickly enough and was fun to knit, but oh those ends!! I stopped several times to weave in ends.
IMG_9231 IMG_9230

Virginia emailed me a few weeks back looking for a pattern to knit up re-useable makeup removers (like what you can find on etsy and the like, but she does knit, so why not make your own?). Totally ran with that idea and I practiced my crochet again –
Sugar’N Cream stash busting (so, 100% cotton, washable). Very cute, I may have to make some for me!

Lorelai was gifted several handmade items – a fantastic “Lorelai Goes to a Wedding” photo-story book from Uncle Dan & Aunt VA, handmade animal magnets from Sara, and a handmade rocking horse! Stunning.

Today, we are being very lazy. We put things together, organized thank you note lists, photos are uploading…. We are so very lucky and it has been a great Christmas!

Set to trek!
Happy in the car!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Chaos

  1. That Lorax is quite the character!What a lucky girl to receive such a cool handmade rocking horse.I'm glad you had a nice Christmas.BTW, your plurk swap buddy loves her scowl. Sara (Lazy Knits & Purls) is a frequent commenter on my blog and has become a new blogger friend. I recognized the Scowl that you made her on her blog. Small world, huh?

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