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No big surprise to anyone if I state here in my blog that I’m addicted to knitting. I am starting to feel the pull of crochet as well. But this was something unexpected. I was gifted a Kindle for Christmas and I started out with some fairy tales (Grimm’s and the Blue Fairy Book) and found I wanted something just a bit more… So I purchased “Twilight” – I can’t stop reading! I also can’t quite put my finger on what is so compelling about this story / writing style. I am totally going to read the rest of the series when I finish this first installment.

5 thoughts on “Consumed

  1. I got a Kindle for Christmas as well! But I haven't gotten into the Twilight series…yet. I think I'm afraid to because I'd probably lose myself very quickly!

  2. LOVED Twilight and really liked the rest of the series. Wait until you get to the last book. I kept saying, "One more page and if it doesn't get good I'm putting it down…" then- POOF…got good and it was well worth the patience.

  3. I have all the books in hard copy and would love to pass them along if you're interested in turning pages! I don't know why, but I couldn't stop reading them either, even when I wanted to throw the book across the room.

  4. I resisted the Twilight series because I was so sick of hearing everyone rave about it. But I finally gave in and read the first two books in two days over Christmas. Then I read the 3rd one on NYE. I just finished the fourth. There's also a 12 chapter book from Edward's point of view, in pdf format, on the author's website. What can I say, it was a really slow at work during the holidays.

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