Mama’s Midriff.

Way back in ’09 I signed up for a SweaterKAL with several of the gals from SnB. Then in the early days of ’10 I think I have signed up for TheSweatshopOfLove’s Sweater a Month Challenge, because yes, I think I can do more than is humanly possible (I will refrain, partially, from telling you about the baby blanket I wanted to knit for a baby that is due sometime in early-mid Feburary, 2010. I have bought the yarn, I have not started. It may be a “Happy Family” blanket for Christmas 2010. hm.) Anyway, I have not forgotten about my sweater which has been hibernating. I almost brought it to SnB this week, but looking at my notes I’m not entirely sure of where I left off. So I figured I would put it on waste yarn and try it on.
Sweater WIP photo.jpg
(my kid is such an imp and a ham for the camera.)
So, it’s not the best representation – I don’t have my shoulders down and relaxed, so that lifts it up a bit as well. There’s still six inches or so between the bottom of the sweater as it is and my belt. I *think* I’m at the point in the instructions to start the cable and lace on the bottom of the sweater. It’s wool, so maybe I can block some of it to a longer length… or I could just knit another inch or two and then start the bottom.

Looking at the pattern I don’t quite understand the sizing… “Piece meaures 12 (11.5, 11.25, 10, 11, 9.75) inches from dividing round.” I will have to get out the ruler and double check that one. I started out to make the 3rd size but somewhere along the line mixed myself up and have been knitting the 4th size, so maybe if I go back to the 3rd size for length it will be ok?

I want to be able to wear this sweater this winter! It was nice and warm on, even without sleeves and being a mid-riff sweater. Light too, not heavy. Hopefully I’ll be able to suss it out this weekend!

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