It’s Done!

The ends are all woven in. Blocking is done. The pins are removed. I have a new sweater!
Finished Sweater!
Sometimes I wish there were two of me – one to use the camera and the other I could boss around to pose. I used the self timer on the camera and mostly felt silly – but I liked the plain background of a purple wall in my house. Anyway, this photo was the best of the bunch. I remembered that you should give your model something to hold or do while posing – makes the person relax and you can get better photos. So I grabbed what was nearby.

Finished Sweater!
Jackson. He got antsy because he could see out the window and I think our neighbor-dogs started barking.

Finished Sweater!
The Lorax. She too was a bit antsy looking out the window at the neighbor-dogs.

On the whole, I like this sweater – it came out a bit too big, but that’s my own fault – somewhere in the yoke area I started following the instructions for the next size up and once I realized that I just stuck with it. It’s a comfy sweater and warm. I’m pleased.

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