Why Didn’t I Think of This Before?

Maybe it was one of those universe alignments, but today I decided to try a new activity with the Lorax. I originally tucked the idea away after reading the post on No Time For Flash Cards – I have yellow split peas left over from Thanksgiving and I even bought a bag of the green ones. Today, I poured the green ones into the container, added a few supermarket coins and random spoons / scoops / kitchen toys and let her at it.



Concentration from her, near bliss for mommy.

Near, because even though she got right into it and had a great time, I did hear the “ping” of the peas hitting the floor / heating grate under the table. Oh well, it’s not a difficult mess to clean up and something Lorelai can (and should help).

Bliss, in that I heard her talking to her favorite stuffed animal about how she was stirring and pouring.

Bliss, in that once I thought of putting the bucket on a cookie sheet (hoping to catch runaway peas) she decided to move all the peas from the bucket to the tray, then started “writing letters” and then sang the ABC song all on her own. Wow.

Yep, and now she’s crawling on the floor, smooching with Jackson and asking him if he wants to play.

This week started out really rough (terrible twos are truly terrible) but they seem to have settled down for now.

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