One Great Knitter – Day 3

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Write about a knitter whose work (whether because of project choice, photography, styling, scale of projects, stash, etc) you enjoy. If they have an enjoyable blog, you might find it a good opportunity to send a smile their way.

Oh dear. ONE great knitter? I really don’t think I can pick just one. I don’t know that I could even do a “Top 5” list.

The “Famous” knitters would certainly include:
*Norah Gaughan – author of Knitting Nature – love the math / science that shows up in her designs.
*Jared Flood aka BrooklynTweed – the guy behind the Hemlock Ring Blanket, Koolhaas, Turn a Square and Quincy hats, and have you seen the latest, Juneberry Triangle? Classic style, clean design.
*Ysolda – of a number of fantastic projects that you’ve probably seen, heard of and tried – I’m a huge fan – her patterns are straightforward and not all that difficult (of the ones I’ve done so far).
*Carol Feller – I’ve recently become a huge fan of Carol’s! She’s the designer of the Necco Wafer Hoodie and Trellis and Vine, both of which I’ve made. I have several more of her patterns in my queue that I look forward to starting soon!

The “Not Famous Yet” Knitters, but still Knitters that I adore and I learn much from and I have worked with in some form would certainly include (Rav links for all!):
*Valerie and Beth are two gals in my SnB – they know how to manipulate patterns, fix all sorts of mistakes, and just floor me with their skillz. Yes, they have the skillz with a z!
*More local gals, with skillz, include Jenn and Jen – they are both inspiring in the projects they work on – they are dedicated to a project and always ready to help out another knitter.
*Long have I admired Rebecca‘s work – and then when I actually met her at SnB I was a bit in awe. She’s a great person and I hope she continues to create such pretty designs! (She has quite a resume of published designs – maybe she should be in the famous category?)
*A newer member of our SnB is Crystal – check out the birthday dress she designed! for her daughter and her weaving projects!
*Sonia was one of the first people I met at SnB and I’m so lucky I did – she rocks the socks among many other projects and has an excellent sense of style.
*Betsy – my usual knit buddy. Our friendship goes back to high school, well before either of us picked up the needles. We learned on our own and found we had another shared interest. We are a great team when it comes to yarn crawls and making decisions about yarn!
*Emilee of the Bat Shawl – she was my introduction really to a full size lace project.

Go – peek at their projects! You won’t be able to resist!


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