This weekend, though gorgeous in weather, was spent snuggling with a sick little Lorax. She woke up on Saturday morning having thrown up at some point in the night / early morning. We got her showered and cleaned up and there was more vomit. Same story that afternoon too. Sunday morning too. It’s been a bit stressful, never a fever though. Luckily though she is on the mend – that was apparent around 5pm last night when we got her up and she asked for chicken nuggets and fries. Um, sorry kiddo, not tonight. We went slow and steady with some fluids and cheerios and a few bites of pasta. This morning she seems a bit better, but still very sleepy / clingy. So, one step at a time. Oh and did I mention we had company this weekend? Fun times. I’m working on my final posts for the “Knit & Crochet Blog Week” – they will be up for this afternoon or tomorrow.


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