Friendship Bracelets!

I mentioned in an earlier post that long before I knit, I used to play with knots. I made friendship bracelets constantly – much like knitting, it was a fairly portable project, there are lots of colors and styles to choose from and the end result looks so neat! Have you heard? Amy, of the Things We Make blog, is hosting a Friendship Bracelet Swap! Full details are on Amy’s blog, but the quick details are this:

Here’s how to participate:
1. Email Amy at thingswemake [at] gmail [dot] com (be sure to let me know your name) by May 25 in order to sign up. I will reply with details by May 28.
2. Make one bracelet and mail it me to arrive no later than June 20. Please include a note saying who you are, your email/website/etsy/twitter info so that the person who receives your bracelet will know who their friend is. I will pair you up with someone so that you get a bracelet from the person who receives yours.
3. Optional: donate some extra bracelet making supplies and I’ll bundle them to give to my local Boys & Girls Club so that younger girls can have the pleasure of making each other bracelets this summer.

-I am leaving the type of bracelet you make completely open, so use gimp, embroidery thread, fabric, whatever you feel moved to use. (Channel your inspiration from when you went to summer camp!)
-Since the is my first swap, I’m collecting the bracelets and mailing them out to ensure that anyone who makes one gets on in return.
-Please be sure that you are able to commit to finishing and sending your bracelet when you sign up.

* – video instruction and patterns (wow! I wish this had been around back in, oh, 1988!)
*Knit a basic Friendship bracelet (also mentions Icord, great idea!)
*Perdita – a knit bracelet from – I made one of these – the lily of the valley – and all it needed was buttons… wonder where it is?

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