The weather is heating up around here and yesterday, the Lorax told me she wanted to wear flip-flops. This was a huge surprise to me – usually we have a melt down in any shoe store and she hates to try things on. I’m the mom who bought the exact same sneakers in 3 different sizes. Ugh. I have been avoiding getting the next pair of summer shoes, but thought maybe I could get lucky now, since it was her idea.

So we went out to the store with her talking the whole way there about “red flip flops”.

I’m pleased to say that this was the best trip to a shoe store ever. She tried on shoes. She looked at shoes, she picked some out, she didn’t fuss. And what did her little heart desire?
First Flip Flops
Heaven help me – she picked out and tried on and loved – light up princess flip flops. She can’t walk well in them, it’s like watching me try to walk in high heels – all stiff legs, but she loves them. And, yeah, they are cute. Sigh. We did also pick up some new summer sneakers, so yay on that!
Test Knit Sock
First Flip Flops
Look at that smug face. She totally knows she won.

The girl knows what she likes. And that includes when she’s ready for a photo or not. I finished up the test sock for J.L. Yarnworks – it really is a sock!
Test Knit Sock
Cuff up.

Test Knit Sock
Cuff Down. It’s a little ruffled-anklet sock – too cute!

I made the toddler / child size, so it’s a bit big for the Lorax – but she wouldn’t help me and try it on. Oh well.
Test Knit Sock
I do plan to make the mate – like most little knits, this sock went quickly!

3 thoughts on “Girly

  1. Ack! These pictures are too cute. She's clearly a girl after my own heart… What if I volunteer to always take her shoe shopping for you?! Only downside is the ratio of pink flip flops : sensible shoes in her wardrobe will dramatically increase. Oh, there is nothing more thrilling than a pair of cute shoes. There, I said it.

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