Bird break.

Between finishing my sweater, gearing up for some junk tv and marathon knitting sessions this weekend, and trying to decide on a pattern / yarn for an upcoming “Shawl-ALong” with my local SnB, I needed a break.

I spotted the Perching Pigeons pattern over at and I could not stop thinking about them. I have a ton of leftovers from sock yarns. Lots of good bird colors too. Not so many solid colors though since my solid yarn stash has only recently been introduced. I did find a bunch of mini-sample skeins that I received when I bought a few Phat Fiber sample boxes last year. The pattern is easy to follow, works up incredibly quick, there is major cute impact here, and uses maybe 10 yards of each color? If that! This is the type of project that just screams, take pictures of me!

Pink Perching Pigeon
He’s wee!
Pink Perching Pigeon
Pink Perching Pigeon
(My mini sunflowers bloomed – just about a month ago they were wee too! see?)
Pink Perching Pigeon Pink Perching Pigeon
Pink Perching Pigeon

And an iphone photo to show scale (at knitting last night when he was finished)
Little pink perching pigeon

Again, Jackson is a very good sport.

Naptime. For Jackson. I’m going to try and start on some of my power knitting.

3 thoughts on “Bird break.

  1. Such a darling post!!!! I love all the poses the twee little bird was in, but especially with Jackson! (Quite possibly the world's best dog.)

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