All Wound Up.

I think that’s what I’m going to call my Swirl Shawl. The other night I was working on it and we had a heated, one-sided discussion. There was some cursing. Stitches were twisted and the yarn ball was had to be birthed out the center of the dpns. Let’s just say it was enough muttering for my husband to look up from the book / iphone game and ask what was going on over there on the other couch.

I am making progress – I’m taking my time, but each swirl isn’t that bad. The first swirl is made with a knit-on cast on and I ended up with a rather loose swirl. Each subsequent swirl requires casting on new stitches and picking up stitches from the previous swirl. This is giving me a bit of trouble – I can’t quite see how to do the knit-on cast-on and pick up the stitches in a way that keeps it right side up. So I decided that I would do a long tail cast on, knit/pick up stitches and just go from there. That helped with my speed a bit, but then I took a look at the line of swirls.
The first two (knit-on cast-on) are much looser than the long-tail ones. I think I like the tighter spirals. I think. And maybe it doesn’t matter, because it is only the first row of spirals and there will be some blocking in the end. But then I also wonder if I am going to have enough yarn, given that the long-tail cast on leaves you with a long tail… I think between that and the heat it just got to me last night.

For times like that when I need a break, I have the Ladybug Jacket and that is going quite well.

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