Hike in the Heat?

So, we’re in the early stages of what’s looking to be one serious heat wave this week. I’m not leaving my AC if I can help it, though I do love to spend time outside. This is pretty much the only “mountain” I can handle this week:
Connecticut Mountain
It’s a Micro Mountain from the Knitting Mochimochi book. I used some “Connecticut” yarn (J.Knits Superwash Sock) that is leftover from the Scowl I knit for Sara. The white is NOT fingering weight, but I went ahead with it anyway and snapped the tip of a dpn in the process. Oh well. I’ve decided to name this little guy “Bluff Head” after a hiking spot near my parents home – Connecticut has some great places to hike, but mountains? They are micro in my opinion.

Random note about that photo? I went through all the coins in the house to find a Connecticut State Quarter – I couldn’t find one in any of the loose change, but lucky us – my MIL had given us a nearly full State Quarter Folder – it’s only missing one (Alabama? Arkansas? it’s an A state and I’m too lazy right now to go double check.)

Bluff Head (the knit version) is entirely appropriate for Jackson:
A Dachshund  & A Mountain


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