Someone picked up a sweater for the Lorax at a recent school bazaar. The thought was lovely, but this sweater? So not for the Lorax, style-wise or size-wise.

To Be Undone
She ran away from it, so I don’t even have a real idea of what it would look like on her. But it’s wide. And there’s a bit of floofy collar.

To Be Undone
If I could get it on me, it would be a elbow-length crop top.

Cotton yarn, obviously handknit. I set about to take it apart and find a way to reuse the yarn. This is the first time I have undone a sweater like this. I actually felt quite a bit of guilt in frogging this – some other knitter somewhere put in their time and energy to make a gift (which the owners ended up giving away). I think that in the end, the knitter would see it as for the best that another knitter got a hold of the sweater and was able to reuse the yarn. It was a great project to have around the Lorax – I could pick it up and put it down as needed. (Side note: I also feel bad when I see books at the consignment shop / used book store that have inscriptions “To Timmy on your 5th birthday – our pokey little puppy” or something like that. While I’m all for clearing out space and giving books I don’t read to libraries / shops / etc. – if it’s got an inscription, I can’t get rid of it! You would think then that I would be sure to write an inscription in any books I give as gifts – and sad to say, I don’t. I should work on that.)

So now I have this cotton to “upcycle”. I am thinking about reusing it in a garment for the Lorax or even just washcloths.


2 thoughts on “Undone

  1. Cute doggie! I can sort of see where that sweater would not be to the Lorax's liking. Don't you feel awesome knowing you can reuse the yarn for something she would like?

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