Longest Project Title Yet

I mentioned previously that I was switching my SnB “Shawl-Along” project from the swirl shawl to Herbivore. Now I am pleased to report that my “Herbivore of Spring Flowers at Twilight” is finished! I even wore it a bit last night at SnB – between the AC and the lemonade, I needed it!

I really enjoyed this pattern – right when I just starting to think “Oh this is never going to end” and “I want this big enough but I don’t want to run out of yarn”, it was the right length to bind off. AND I didn’t even use the whole skein – I still have about 100 yards left!

Shawl Flower
Before blocking, I rolled it up to put out of the way, and I just thought this looked like a little flower. How appropriate.

Pin Heads = Short Circuit?
This pin heads make me think of Johnny-Five from the movie “Short Circuit” (Dude, the robot has his won webpage?!) or Wall-E.

Herbivore blocking
Pinned out.

Herbivore Fronts / Back
Not the best photo, but I’m feeling to lazy to edit it right now. Shows the large triangle section and the two smaller sections well enough.

Herbivore Shawl
How I will usually wear this shawl – I like the bandit-style. It stays put mostly, and isn’t too heavy or bulky.

I’m super pleased with this project! I’m wondering about doing another one. With my needles “free” I can feel some start-itis setting in!


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