Last week I spent a lot of time in the car traveling (and luckily not a whole lot stuck in traffic). My knitting projects at the moment were either too big or too complicated to bring along, especially when you take into account the Lorax in the backseat who frequently asks me to hand her things or give me things. I decided that I would work on my crochet skills. I settled on simple crochet dishcloths / washcloths – the same stitch over and over and over again (not all that different from my first knitting project really).
2 "rags"
I made two “Everyday Dishcloths” from the book, Cozy Crochet. They are roughly 8×8 inches (my gauge changed halfway through – guess I relaxed my grip on the hook), organic cotton yarn, dyed by Misshawklet. They were great to practice on. And now I’m bored with that. So much for my grand plans to use up all that cotton. Two is a good start for now I guess.

I had another car trip on Sunday and was not feeling the dishcloth mojo, so I flipped through the “Cozy Crochet” book for another project that was equally simple, but maybe used a different stitch (I’ve got single crochet down! I think.) I settled on the “Cozy Kerchief” using Blue Sky Alpaca dyed cotton leftover from the Lorax’s baby blanket. I had forgotten how much I love this yarn, must get more!! It’s soft and squishy and was wonderful!!
Crochet Kercheif
Cute, right? Lightweight, seems to stay in place. I think this will get quite a bit of use!

Of course I had to try it on Jackson (the Lorax runs away. I make do with what I have.)
Plus he spent a good deal of time this morning barking at the vacuum cleaner. It’s a little bit of payback.

Dachshund bandit?
Yes, my head is that big and my dog is that small.


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