Someone picked up a sweater for the Lorax at a recent school bazaar. The thought was lovely, but this sweater? So not for the Lorax, style-wise or size-wise.

To Be Undone
She ran away from it, so I don’t even have a real idea of what it would look like on her. But it’s wide. And there’s a bit of floofy collar.

To Be Undone
If I could get it on me, it would be a elbow-length crop top.

Cotton yarn, obviously handknit. I set about to take it apart and find a way to reuse the yarn. This is the first time I have undone a sweater like this. I actually felt quite a bit of guilt in frogging this – some other knitter somewhere put in their time and energy to make a gift (which the owners ended up giving away). I think that in the end, the knitter would see it as for the best that another knitter got a hold of the sweater and was able to reuse the yarn. It was a great project to have around the Lorax – I could pick it up and put it down as needed. (Side note: I also feel bad when I see books at the consignment shop / used book store that have inscriptions “To Timmy on your 5th birthday – our pokey little puppy” or something like that. While I’m all for clearing out space and giving books I don’t read to libraries / shops / etc. – if it’s got an inscription, I can’t get rid of it! You would think then that I would be sure to write an inscription in any books I give as gifts – and sad to say, I don’t. I should work on that.)

So now I have this cotton to “upcycle”. I am thinking about reusing it in a garment for the Lorax or even just washcloths.

Knitting In Advance

Last summer, I test and sample knit a sock for The Unique Sheep‘s Lord of the Strings club. Frequently, my test / sock knitting projects are done under a rather tight deadline (most recent record holder? A sock for Cookie A’s new book in 5 days!) – but this project was for the June 2010 installment. And, since now we are in July of 2010, I can finally share!

Dunedain Socks by LoBug
Dunedain Sock
This was my first time to knit such a large sock (on purpose!) – I knit the largest size, and two yarns are held together. Isn’t that cable something? I worked really hard on that – learned a lot about cables and reading charts. Side note: If it wasn’t for this project with the charts and cables and working my way through it with LoBug’s help, I would not have tried to get the cookieA sock gig – something totally clicked with me on this project!

The color is best in the first picture (or even the ravelry link) – the yarns were very pretty.
Dunedain Sock
As I knit the largest size (Size 11, the “Big Foot” option), obviously the socks didn’t fit too well on my foot (I wear a US9, women’s) or my sock blockers:
Dunedain Sock
Dunedain Sock
Check out LoBug‘s blog – she talks about this sock and her “LOTR Sock Pattern Booklet”!

Yarn, Sun & Kool Aid – a knitter’s summer

Two weeks back a streak of hot weather and sunny days and leftover yarn from the blanket and a rediscovery of Kool-Aid / Weyler’s in a cabinet make me want to try solar dyeing. My first experience with Kool-Aid Dyeing came out pretty well, though I still haven’t worked up that yarn (or dyed the other skein).

I started with this:
Pretty, but I just didn’t love that brown-gold section.

I started just before 10, and the grape smell was delicious (4 packets of Wylers that I bought at Big Y – I checked Big Y today and they don’t have kool-aid packets.) This was on the front porch.

Around 12:30 I moved the bowl to the driveway – I think that temperature is acutally the temperature of the driveway, not the bowl – it was hard to hold it and get the focus on the camera and take the photo at the same time. Anyway, it was very warm.

Around 2:30, it clouded over and maybe 5 minutes later we had a HUGE thunderstorm with downpours.

Ta-dah! There is still a little hint of the brown-gold, but it doesn’t bother me so much any more. I adore the shade of purple this came out. It might become a Sunday Market Shawl for around the house, or Koolhaas.

Hike in the Heat?

So, we’re in the early stages of what’s looking to be one serious heat wave this week. I’m not leaving my AC if I can help it, though I do love to spend time outside. This is pretty much the only “mountain” I can handle this week:
Connecticut Mountain
It’s a Micro Mountain from the Knitting Mochimochi book. I used some “Connecticut” yarn (J.Knits Superwash Sock) that is leftover from the Scowl I knit for Sara. The white is NOT fingering weight, but I went ahead with it anyway and snapped the tip of a dpn in the process. Oh well. I’ve decided to name this little guy “Bluff Head” after a hiking spot near my parents home – Connecticut has some great places to hike, but mountains? They are micro in my opinion.

Random note about that photo? I went through all the coins in the house to find a Connecticut State Quarter – I couldn’t find one in any of the loose change, but lucky us – my MIL had given us a nearly full State Quarter Folder – it’s only missing one (Alabama? Arkansas? it’s an A state and I’m too lazy right now to go double check.)

Bluff Head (the knit version) is entirely appropriate for Jackson:
A Dachshund  & A Mountain