Hello September!

While I have some difficulty wrapping my head around the fact that it is indeed September, I am more than ready for it. I love summer, I really do – but heat waves I cannot stand. I have had enough – I am ready for cool breezes, layers, cups of tea in the afternoon and evening, eating warm foods and baking in my oven! September also means that sweater weather is coming! And I have finished a new sweater for the Lorax.
Jackson a version of Willie.
Jackson Dachshund Sweater
I used Plymouth Encore Chunky (which is fantastic! I love this yarn!) in a mottled grey-brown for the dachshund part which is a pretty good color match to some of Jackson’s dappled spots. Same yarn for the body, in a cranberry-ish red. I used Patons Canadiana held doubled for the cuffs and trim.
Jackson Dachshund Sweater
I think my favorite part of this sweater is the ear. Totally makes it. I didn’t bother to block the ear flat because I like how it curves or flips up – gives it some dachshund attitude.
Jackson Dachshund Sweater
Jackson snuggled up (and under) the sweater. I tried to get the Lorax in it (even with the promise of her favorite candy, Ms. But she runs away from me shouting “I Don’t Want To Wear It!” – and we’ve had a rough week. Lots of whining. Lots of meltdowns. I’m not looking to start another fight and I’m tired of the tears (crocodile or otherwise). I think that this is going to be long on her – almost like a coat instead of a sweater, but that’s fine – maybe we can get a wear or two out of it as an extra layer, this year or next.


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