Representing at Rhinebeck

I am so excited for the weekend – it time for NY Sheep & Wool a.k.a. Rhinebeck! I am going to be going with my favorite sister-in-law (how awesome is it that she is a knitter?! AND we discovered last year that we have similar shopping strategies!) – she and my brother live not too far, so I will be able to hang out with her, and then see my brother and stay with them (so nice not to have to think about driving back the same day or figuring hotels!). A mini-vacation for me!

Several of the gals at my SnB are planning to be there and they made hats so they can find each other easily. I want to be one of the cool kids too, so I made a hat. Seriously, why do people stress out over a “Rhinebeck Sweater”? Make a hat, your friends can find you! I might wear a handknit sweater, but I’m not sure of the weather yet and I think it will be easier to dress in layers (including my Ravelry shirt).
Tassled Hat
When I was making this hat (using Farmhouse Yarn’s “Mary’s Little Lamb Light Worsted” held doubled) I had more than one moment of panic – I really thought that it was going to be a Lorax sized hat, but thankfully it does stretch!
Tassled Hat
I did knit it flat, but did a three needle bind off to seam the top and quickly seamed up the side. I think I might have to wear pigtails to match to top tassles, though with the state of my hair now, when I do pig tails they look like cocker spaniel ears! This yarn is leftover from my Chickadee Cowl, and I still have 25grams left. I think this is the first time I have a matching set – hat & cowl! If it’s chilly enough, I’ll be wearing both!

If you’re at Rhinebeck, you can spot me in the hat, or my knitting bag:
My knitting bag
I would love to say “Hi!” I’ll be keeping my eye out for several fellow knitters as well!

Of course, I can’t have a finished object post without Jackson modeling!
Dachshund & Tassled Hat
Maybe I’ll use the leftover yarn to make Jackson a new neckwarmer….

6 thoughts on “Representing at Rhinebeck

  1. Great hat! I'm coming "home" to go to Rhinebeck this year too. Although I haven't had time to knit anything. I'm a bit concerned about all these hats and sweaters I'm seeing. It's 85 degrees here today! I'm going to be freezing.

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