Another secret revealed!

Having these test / sample knitting projects makes for great blog material. Yesterday I told you about my Sock Love. Today I get to share a bit of lace. At the end of the summer I started working on a sample knit for Nelkin Designs – a doily-turned-blanket sort of sample, Centrino. I think I hinted at it here and there – the super secret project, the white project of dooooooom…except not really. I liked knitting this – I did find it to be addictive and satisfying to work on! One of the best parts was the blocking! From blob to BOOM!
I used the full-sized mattress in the guest bedroom and every singe pin I could find. Magical!

Over the railing in my hallway.

Obligatory couch shot?

I found myself stuck for better ideas for styling / photographing this item – tricky too because I didn’t dare let the Lorax or Jackson near it 🙂 I love this photo that Laura has of it:
(borrowed with permission!)

Happy sigh – I’m really proud of that knit. As it was a sample, it’s not mine to keep, but I will certainly think about knitting this again at some point.


4 thoughts on “Another secret revealed!

  1. WOW, Bec, that is stunning!!! So intricate. As always, floored by your talent! And I also love that outdoor chair shot — styling knitting in nature is always pretty, I think!

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