"Best" and Best Christmas Presents

I was just talking about the Best Christmas presents ever with my MIL the other night at dinner – and then today I read WifeMomKnitter‘s post about her “Best” presents (cringe worthy!). It got me thinking – Great blog fodder!!

Starting with the Best. The true best gifts ever – two immediately stand out in my memory – the year Santa brought my Cabbage Patch Kid, Garnett Lenore (oy. What a name. Side story – maybe I’ve shared this before? My uncle used to tease me as a kid that “Garnett Lenore would so become Coleslaw” and I was totally clueless until high school when I finally realized that coleslaw is made from cabbage.) And the year Santa brought a Care Bear – Cheer Bear. Each year those were the specific items I really really hoped Santa would bring and they were left under the tree – unwrapped! so they were the first things I spotted on Christmas morning. I have been pretty lucky with the gifts overall – one year my husband bought me cashmere yarn! What a guy!

The “Best” present that stands out? One year there was an aunt who glued a picture of my face onto a little wooden doll – the sort of thing you would find at a craft-sale / church bazaar. I don’t know what she was thinking. I was in my late teens, so it just seemed odd. Certainly there are other gifts that were swiftly donated / regifted / swapped away as Bad Santas… clothes that aren’t me, knick-knacks that seem so odd, the random items that make it obvious that the gift giver doesn’t know you. And now that I’m a grown-up I can pretty much get the things I want and I don’t need more things (though I do like my stuff. no question there. De-cluttering is going to be huge again in 2011.)

Speaking of gifts I should get on wrapping the items that are piling up around the house. And weave in the ends on some projects (and photograph said projects!). I always think there is more knitting time for all the things I want to do – or that I knit faster than I really do. Something needs to be done about that!!

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