Christmas Wishes

The hustle and bustle are in full swing – I think it is going to be a very exciting Christmas – one that certainly will go by all too fast. If you can, try and slow down and enjoy the good stuff. Things like:
Enjoying a good viewing of The Yule Log (while it lasts – apparently our “Free On Demand” subscription to the Comcast Yule Log has run out?! Makes no sense to me, but we got to see a little bit of it!Anyway.)

Have a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. Homemade if possible. Need a recipe? I mixed up the hot chocolate mix from Under the Table and Dreaming for gifts along with marshmallows from Our Best Bites. Of course I had to sample to make sure it would work for gifts – delish!

Thank an elf! Isn’t this great? My local apple orchard / farm market, Bishop’s, posted on Facebook yesterday that “Buddy the Elf” was working there! On a whim, we stopped in this morning and asked one of the people working if they had seen Buddy. They said he was around and went into the back to find him. He came out and was adorable. I think Lorelai didn’t know what to make of him – she was quite shy, but she did give him a high five. When we got home she found our DVD of “Elf” and said “This is who was saw at Bishop’s”. Gotta love local businesses!!

Looking forward to posting after Christmas when I can finally blog about things I’ve been knitting – the recipients do sometimes come across my blog and I didn’t want to risk any spoilers! Merry Christmas!!

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