Holiday Hangover

Ahh. December 26. A day I look forward to especially since we have had the Lorax and have a Christmas marathon starting on Christmas Eve through Christmas night for the last 4 years. We travel to see family – and there is a lot of family to see. This year was probably the best yet – the Lorax is excited to see everyone, is social too (as she puts it “I’m going to go talk to some people”) and is independent enough that we can let her roam about our location without too much worry. It was a very nice Christmas and we are so blessed to have such a generous family.

And I can finally post about some things that I made for gifts!
A Koolhaas hat for my youngest brother – I love this pattern though it took me several attempts to find my rhythm with the cables. Eventually I will make myself a hat like this. It is so cozy!

A lump of coal (pattern is on the knitpicks website) for my older younger brother, who one year as a kid actually did get coal in his stocking!

A pair of “Bella’s Mittens” for my cousin. I had made this pattern earlier in the year as a sample for a class and loved them. I wish I could wear these – they are warm and snug just they way you would like them to be – however, with the lorax I find I do often need use of my fingers, so I don’t do mittens too often. My cousin seemed to like them – she’s a college kid – so I hope that she does get a lot of use out of them on campus.

Ok, so this isn’t knit, it’s sewn felt, and it’s BACON! šŸ™‚ This was made for Dan and is just so cute and silly I had to make it as soon as I saw it online. I tend to take photos involving Jackson when he’s been asleep because then he is quite compliant – seems like many photos lately have all caught him yawning!

And now I can look forward to non-gift knitting. I have several personal projects ready to go, two different samples that I hope to tell you about soon, and I’m considering a create-my-own-sock-club-thing, but that is still uncertain / in the works. Still need to deal with the Christmas aftermath. And I was lucky to receive a few knitting related gifts that I look forward to sharing here on the blog and putting to good use asap. Along with my new snow boots – apparently there is a big storm coming our way today / Monday! We will probably postpone picking Jackson up from his vacation until Tuesday or so due to the storm. He is so missed! The Lorax has been talking up building a snowman for a long time so some snow would be quite nice!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

One thought on “Holiday Hangover

  1. Betsy made me a Koolhas hat with almost that exact same color! I get so many compliments on it šŸ™‚ SHe made me fingerless mittens too with that pattern šŸ™‚

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