First FO

This was started in 2010, but was finished up yesterday. Presenting Cloud Chaser by Indigirl Amy Swenson, knit up as a sample for Lorna’s Laces (to be shown at the TNNA Winter Show happening this weekend!)
Cloud Chaser sample
(Gah, the photos came out less than stellar – apologies. I should know better.) This was knit in “Honor” an alpaca – silk blend. The colorway is “Patina”. The pattern construction is really interesting – I didn’t realize it at first, but essentially this is a one-piece garment – you knit the back, then each side is done by picking up stitches and casting on more. Then you pick up for the collar – resulting in one big rectangle. I had trouble finding my rhythm with these cables and that slowed me down a bit. I wove in ends and blocked this last night, snapped a few quick pictures this morning and then had to overnight it to California! Phew!

I knit the small size and it fit me, though I’m not sure it’s my style.

Front (If I knit this for me, I think I would like to find a funky pin and wear it overlapping to close it a bit…)

Satisfying to say that I’ve already got a finished project under my belt, but I am disappointed in myself that it came down to the wire. I already feel behind on 2011 and we aren’t even a full week in!


2 thoughts on “First FO

  1. ACK. Major coveting happening over here… that is beautiful! (And sort of like what I want my Every Way Wrap to end up like, if I could be bothered to keep knitting it…) And I think it looks fantastic on you. Agree about wearing it overlapped, but open (with jeans and tall boots!) is super chic, too. Gorgeous color! Now I want to knit something yellow-y!

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