Today started out as the perfect day for a new project. I’ve been toying around with something I spied online somewhere and wanted to look into it more today – as well as get the instructions for some other projects. The problem with everything being digital these days? When there is an internet outage (thanks, Comcast) I can’t do anything I wanted to do. Grr. Obviously I managed and the internet is connected once again. However, a second problem presented itself. Yesterday we noticed a leak in one of our windows – there is so much snow and ice the water has no place to go when it does melt a bit, and it’s coming inside. Today we’ve had awful (perfect-new-project) weather – a bit of snow, and a lot of freezing rain / sleet. So today I’ve had a constant drip drip drip soundtrack and pots to keep an eye on.
Not good for projects. I have switched these pots out actually for a big ol true value 5-gallon bucket (I think, it might be 10-gallon) and the new water-canner I got for Christmas. Hoping to cut down on the splatter. This is beyond infuriating.

So, some levity is needed. A cousin gave the Lorax a box of princess dress-up clothes. The Princesses. Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

Another cousin gave her a microphone. Ladies and gentlemen, the princesses have landed.

We have spent the last week or so rotating among the costumes – she wears them constantly. The dialogue (mostly one-sided, from her.) “Mommy what does Snow White say?” Um… I think she says someday my prince will come. “Ok”…. “Mommy I want to be Cinderella” Ok. “Mommy, sing the song *Cinderelly! Cinderelly! Clean the dishes! Sweep the floors!”
I’ve shown her only a handful of minutes of you tube video clips of cinderella (the mice singing) – gotta try and track down the dvd. More to come on the princesses and the “Thank-goodness-I-have-a-WIP-with-a-hard-copy-pattern-already-printed-out” project that I did finish today.

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