A different sort of groan.

Way back, like in 2006, I participated in a KAL for “Fans of the Lime and Violet Podcast can show their colors with Lisa Souza Lime & Violet sock yarn. The projects are as varied as Lime & Violet’s audience — the common thread is the awesome yarn.” I remember that I worked on these socks on my way up to Maine for a friend’s wedding. What I don’t remember is what I was thinking when I finished up the second sock – it was about 4 inches too short on the foot! At the time it was only good for a dachshund nose-warmer.
I'm a doofus
I have size 9 feet. This was not my first pair of socks! I was so annoyed with myself that I stuck the socks in a drawer and let them sit there. One of my knitting goals for the year is to knit up socks. I took a deep breath, ripped out the toe, carefully got all the stitches back on to dpns and got back to it.

The pattern at one point was called “Blue Bonnet”, but I found it in Ravelry as Linen Toes. Linen stitch is quite awesome for those wildly colored sock yarns. I love how it worked with this particular hand-dyed yarn and striped. However, when I finished this one, I noticed something else that made me groan.
The way the pooling happened here it looks like I spilled bleach on part of my foot. In the end it does not matter – no one is really going to see that part when I have my shoes on. I got into the rhythm of knitting and did not notice until the end. I really did not want to rip and redo again, so I will live with it. I have not worn handknit socks in a while and yesterday after I took that photo I did not take them off. I even slept in them, so cozy! It has given me back a bit of sock mojo and I am looking forward to working another pair soon.

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