Go Green!

I think I have mentioned here before that I was not brought up in an athletic family. We were a family of nerdy, bookish types that dabbled in tennis and skiing and hikes in the woods. When my youngest brother joined an ultimate frisbee team in college he was the first college athlete in the family. 🙂 I did marry into a football family and have learned (and relearned players, teams, and terms). I even won our fantasy football league in 2008. I have found that I do enjoy a game of football here and there. I tend to loose interest after one game, but it makes for good knitting / crafting time. I have stuck with the Jets as they were the first team I followed, and though in typical Jet fashion they did not make it to the Super Bowl, I will happily route for the other green team, the Packers.

I have pretzel-dough made and cooked into pretzles (thing-a-day!) right now and am really looking forward to homemade pretzels as a treat for later. My game-day crafting (thing-a-day!) is going to be following the lead of ladies… and “Craft Like a Champion”. I plan to work on green and white baby hats for the Save The Children / Caps for Good – certainly, like the Jets I will fall short of making 32 hats, but, babies still need hats and I have the yarn. Good for everyone.

Enjoy the game, the commercials and what’s left of the weekend!!

One thought on “Go Green!

  1. Go Pack Go!!!I am a huge football fan and there is now a hole in my heart because it's over for a while.(My team is the Vikings. Once they were out of it all I wanted was for the Eagles NOT to go to the Super Bowl.)

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