Getting Excited.

All week, I have been able to get out of the house – the weather has been cold but cooperative. I’ve still been working on things but when it comes to post them, I’m admittedly behind. I am okay with that, especially since now I can see my lawn!
I can see my lawn!
It’s not a spot we can get to (or would do much with if we could get there – Jackson would probably like to use that as a new bathroom break), but still – the lawn does exist! The hearts in the window were a fun little project to do – I let the Lorax play with practice using scissors while I cut the paper strips, then she helped to staple them together. Our inspiration (and instructions) came from here.

I’m pleased to share that I have finished the Babysquared Blanket from WifeMomKnitter
Babysquared Blanket - Rainbow
I used up exactly 2 skeins of Plymouth Encore Colorspun resulting in a roughly 19inch by 29inch blanket. I think it will be just right for the intended baby who is supposed to arrive in May – stroller, beach, lightweight lap blanket for sleeping on mom or dad as they watch the baseball games… I love how the colors worked up and I will make this pattern again. Encore is a great all-purpose yarn – I have an Encore afghan that washes beautifully. This blanket will be washed before I wrap it up for the baby gift – just wanted to get Jackson in the picture to give you a visual idea of size. I also love love love this colorway. A nice kid rainbow without being too pastel / baby.

I had made a sale of some stash yarn through Ravelry this week. While I was gathering up the skeins I came across a skein of yarn that was gifted to me a while back from my brother & sister-in-law – “Hudson Valley Fiber Farm Cormo Wool Worsted” in the “Firecracker” colorway.
I was immediately consumed by a “Must. Knit. This. Now.” feeling. It is more of a raspberry-red-white-teal than straight red-white-blue, but it is fun. I’ve decided to start a selfish knitting project and work it up into a Scrappy Lengthwise Scarf.
Woven stitch really does wonders for the wildly colored yarns. The downside of this project though is that each row is 350+ stitches and you have to keep moving the yarn to slip stitches. It’s not an immediate gratification project, but that is fine – it’s a great project. And this is my first time to work with cormo wool – I like it!

In another fit of selfish-startitis-projects, I’ve also cast on for a pair of legwarmers. Some Cloudy Day is a free pattern and quite easy.
Leg Warmers - to - be
Mostly knit with an occasional row of lace. Also not a super quick knit, but satisfying. I have been thinking about making a pair of legwarmers for myself since last fall – even just to wear under my pj pants when I take Jackson out – I should be able to finish these and get a few wears in before spring truly arrives.

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