Where are they now? 2KCBWDAY4

Whatever happened to your __________?

Write about the fate of a past knitting project. Whether it be something that you crocheted or knitted for yourself or to give to another person. An item that lives with you or something which you sent off to charity.

There are a lot of different aspects to look at when looking back at a knitting project and it can make for interesting blogging, as much of the time we blog about items recently completed, new and freshly completed. It is not so often that we look back at what has happened to these items after they have been around for a while.

How has one of your past knits lived up to wear. Maybe an item has become lost. Maybe you spent weeks knitting your giant-footed dad a pair of socks in bright pink and green stripes which the then ‘lost’. If you have knit items to donate to a good cause, you could reflect on the was in which you hope that item is still doing good for it’s owner or the cause it was made to support.

I have knit many gifts and I have often thought about them – I hope they are doing well. I hope they are being used. I hope that the recipients like them. I have knit a few items for charity and while I will never know where in the world they end up, I certainly hope that they bring a little bit of comfort and sunshine with them.

We have been moving things around in our house in anticipation of setting up a baby room and getting the Lorax a true big kid bed. I uncovered a blanket that one of my great aunts made for me way way back – I am not sure if this was for when I was a baby or when I was a kid, but it has been around for as long as I can remember. It is acrylic and weighs a ton (heavy duty acrylic no doubt).
What strikes me about this blanket now is the tag.
(quick low-quality iphone photos, apologies)
To me this is like inscribing a book before you give it as a gift – I can never get rid of this blanket now (not that I would want to), but when I do get books from the library or the used book shop and I see an inscription “To Andy, Happy Birthday! Can’t wait to read a story with you! Love, Aunt Mae” I feel for the book, as odd as that sounds.

Anyway, this makes me think I should try to “label” the larger knit gifts I work up – I just gave a baby blanket this past weekend – will my new cousin hold on to that blanket for a long time? Will her parents keep it for her until she has kids of her own? I have no idea.

For my own reference and ideas, I have been tucking these ideas away…
Label for a quilt, but I love that it is a bit more personalized that just “Original by Becca”.
No-itch version, Fabric labels tutorial, Tips to DIY. Do you have labels for your handknits?

One thought on “Where are they now? 2KCBWDAY4

  1. I can tell you how all of my Knitted By Becca presents are doing: 1) My red/pink neckwarmer with the adorable flower is in my basket of hats/scarves/mittens and gets worn at least once a week every winter. And receives tons of compliments. 2) My cotton face pads are stacked on my sink — no wait, they're in the wash right now because they get used every night when I wash my face. 3) Marvin is sleeping on top of our wedding afghan as I type this. And most of the time. Except when we hang out on the couch to watch TV, which is when I try to sneak it out from under him so we can curl up in it. Which we do almost every night! Did I miss anything? Because, as you can see, any handknit that makes its way into our house is highly beloved! xo

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