Serendipity hat

The weather is warming up and being just all kinds of gorgeous, which I can appreciate even as I suffer from seasonal allergies (for whatever reason, this time around my eyes are killing me! Itchy, watery, can’t wear my contacts!). I was gifted the Serendipity pattern (by Brandy Fortune, of and in less than a day I have a new finished object! No time like the present to get a jump on winter! Plus, it has been freezing at SnB, so working on wool while in air conditioning works just fine.

I used one ball of Rowan Country in a colorway that is described on yarndex as red-red-orange. I think it is a great multi-colored / gender-neutral colorway. I made the infant size, which is slightly larger than my iphone.
Jackson was less than thrilled to model it for me, as expected.

3 thoughts on “Serendipity hat

  1. Jackson's work just keeps getting better and better! :-)The hat is darling. Did you make the pompom? It is perfect. I've never been good at pompom making.

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