Strawberry Season

Finally. We went strawberry picking last week and I am hoping to go again. The Lorax and I picked four pounds last week, and I am already missing them.
Many many berries were eaten just as berries. I made a batch of Strawberry Vanilla Jam in those cute little jars – and used my hot water canner that I got at Christmas. I think I may have not let the “jam” get hot enough before canning, because it is very runny – not that it is any less delicious! I have mixed it in with yogurt and it was so wonderfully sweet and sticky! I think I need to get some vanilla yogurt to have it on as well. And maybe try adding it to a glass of milk. Or on top of a cup of shaved ice snow cone. And make a batch of pancakes or waffles. If I do that, then I also could use the Strawberry butter that I made – this is wonderful on bagels, english muffins, toast… I also eeked out a small batch of freezer jam. I really want to try the Strawberry Cake
The weather is looking iffy, so maybe instead we will just go to Bishop’s and buy them.


One thought on “Strawberry Season

  1. Jealous!! We haven't gone strawberry picking yet (or just to the farmer's market to buy 'em) and oh man, am I craving some berries. This is going to have to happen post haste. (especially because the g-d groundhog ate my strawberry plants before they ripened… they are ever-bearing so fingers crossed I get some more later this summer, if I can stave him off!)

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