Perhaps I jinxed myself

Off and on, for a while now I have been working on a Baby-squared-for-my-baby-blanket. Last Saturday night, I cast off. Jokingly, I said to Dan, “Ok, the baby can come now – the blanket is done!” I wove in the ends last night and was tempted to leave one end unwoven just so it would not be completely finished… (I didn’t finish Lorelai’s blanket until after she arrived!)
Babysquared Blanket #2

I’ve even got a bucket hat done too. And then on Sunday we finished putting together the dresser / changing table. This week I have a long list of things to do to finish getting ready (laundry, cleaning, sorting, nesting type things, packing a hospital bag, picking up some diapers and wipes, etc). The car seats are in the cars, the crib is made, we’re making good progress. Possibly too good. At my doctor’s check up yesterday I found out (to my surprise and hers) that I have already begun to dilate at 36 weeks! And it is enough to cause my immediate family to start looking at me funny.

I feel fine, everything else is fine. Just this one number is interesting. I am supposed to take the Lorax with me to RI on Thursday to visit with my mom and grandmother and spend the night – so now I am waiting on the nurse to call me back to let me know if I can go or if I am better off to stay at home. I missed knitting last week due to a family birthday dinner, not sure what will happen this week. I am happy that this likely means that the baby won’t be late like the Lorax was, but at the same time, stay in there and finish cooking baby!!

So, today I am trying to get as much crossed off the to-do list as I can. I did start another baby project, but as it is another hat it will be done quickly – a Rainbow Marley from the Itty Bitty Hats book.

I am very thankful for air conditioning in this heat – hope you are all staying cool and comfortable!

3 thoughts on “Perhaps I jinxed myself

  1. Dear Little Nutmeg,You're not done cooking! I know, I know that you are excited to meet your mommy, daddy and your big sis, the Lorax. But, *please* stay inside of your mom for a few more weeks.Besides, us knitting ladies need a little more time to make you things for your arrival.Thank you,Mommy's knitting friend

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